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Welcome to, a resource provided by The A Cappella Education Association providing free educational materials about all aspects of a cappella.

The site was founded by Deke Sharon, Matt Atherton, and Ron Heaton.  Here’s their story:

When Google approached us to create a .how web site for their initial launch, we said “How high?” Get it? They didn’t think it was all that funny either…

Nonetheless, our life’s work is to spread harmony through harmony, so we pulled together everything we could find on the topic and organized it all into a few broad categories.

If you have a video or essay you’d like us to include here, just let us know.

If you’re involved in a cappella in some way and see a topic that’s missing, we urge you to tell us!

And if you’re just here to learn, make yourself comfortable and stay a while. There’s no charge, no fee, no advertising, no ulterior motive.

If you’re looking for more personalized advice, resources, arrangments, and events, join The A Cappella Education Association! We’re here to help!